WIN A SIGNED BOOK! in association with publishers
Thomas Balistier and author Arn Strohmeyer is
delighted to offer two free copies (signed by Arn
of the new book
(in English and German) to be launched at the 'The Myth
of Matala is Alive' three-day festival in Matala, Crete
from Saturday 11th June.

Congratulations to our two lucky winners Haris Spinthakis and Maria Stamataki whose names were first out of the hat in our prize draw and both win a free signed copy of 'The Myth of Matala'!

There were lots of correct answers to our question "Matala is situated on the island of Crete but on which coast - north, west, east or south?" and everybody that entered correctly answered "south".

Many thanks to all of you who entered! Lots more competitions to come soon, so better luck next time guys...

For more about Arn Strohmeyer visit his website and for more about his new book see below...

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The Hippie Movement was the playful, peaceful side of the 1960s counterculture. Its unkempt, psychedelically clad proponents rejected their parents’ "square” culture, with its self-serving creed of prosperity, and the "squares” were repelled by the hippies’ subversion of societal norms and taboos. But the flower children were anything but naysayers. Troubled by the shadows of war and longing to feel a sense of harmony with the world they lived in, young people took to the road in search of self. And for quite a few of them, the journey included a stop in Matala.

The Myth of Matala commemorates that unforgettable time. Lavishly illustrated with historic professional and amateur photos, the book shows young people from around the world as they attempted to live up to their ideals of love and peace by reducing life to its elements. In the primitive cave dwellings of Matala, a picturesque bay on the south coast of Crete, bliss was there for the taking – if sometimes only for a few weeks.

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