CONGRATULATIONS! in association with the Pagopoieion Bar-Restaurant is delighted to offer free
Dinner For Two (or lunch) and a complimentary bottle of fine wine at the PAGOPOIEION anytime between Monday 05 and Sunday 18 December (12:00-21:00). Choose from their famous 'Jesus Crisis Menu', a delicious choice of 3 starters, 3 main courses and 3 desserts!

Congratulations to Giannis Charalampakis whose name was first out of the hat in our draw and wins free dinner for two and a complimentary bottle of wine!

Congratulations too to all our
many entrants who thanks to our friends at the Pagopoieion each win a free bottle of wine when they order two meals from the 'Jesus Crisis Menu'.

The answer to our question "What is the English translation of Pagopoieion?" was of course "The Ice Factory"

For more information on the
Pagopoieion, join them on their Facebook page here

Many thanks to all of you who entered! More competitions to come soon, so better luck next time guys...

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