CONGRATULATIONS! in association with and Dokimakis Editions are delighted to offer five free copies of the book Tsikoudia, Spirit of Crete (bilingual edition in Greek & English) by Andreas Smaragdis. The lucky five winners will be invited to collect their book from the Dokimakis Bookstore (tel: 2810 288 544), Kantanoleon 4, Heraklion, anytime after our prize draw is announced.

Congratulations to our winners
Stella Melina Vasilaki, Siobhan Bell, Theologos Chatzispyrou, Les Baldwin and Barbara Doulyerakis whose names were first out of the hat in our prize draw and each win a free copy of the magnificent book 'Tsikoudia, Spirit of Crete'.

The answer to our question "Tsikoudia is produced from the residue of which fruit?" was of course "grape".

Many thanks to everyone who entered our contest, better luck next time folks!

Tsikoudia, Spirit of Crete (Τσικουδιά Κρήτης Πνεύμα) is a wonderful large hard-back book (246 pages, 29x27cm) which tells the story of the famous Cretan drink (Raki as it is probably better known) with a fascinating narrative and is rich in stunning photos by the author. The book also includes a DVD on the subject and won a Gourmand Cookbook Award last year in the category 'Best Spirits Books'.

See more about the book at and on Facebook.

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